Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Logue Library's Webpage - The War in Ukraine


            Ukraine National Flag                Ukraine Coat of Arms

The Logue Librarians have created webpages that gives resources regarding Ukraine, it's history and current involvement in the war with Russia.

To access these pages click on the following links below:

The War in Ukraine


Global Outreach for Ukraine

News Feeds


Outstanding Women in the Ukraine


Here are books on the topic of Ukraine in Logue's Catalog 


History and Politics


Women in Ukraine



What content listed above would be of most interest to you to review?


Feel free to comment on this blog.


J. Presley, Systems Librarian








Claudia McGill said...

I would choose Perestroika and Soviet Women, because I am old (!) and remember clearly the Soviet Union and those times; and the Ukrainian Women Writers also looks interesting to me.

Logue Library said...

Thank you for your comment.