Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Getting Current Primary Sources

Researching a topic that is currently in the news means that there is an abundance of good information available. While using articles from scholarly journals found in databases like EBSCOhost is important for seeing historical trends, gathering statistics, and understanding the breadth of the topic, current events also need current resources.

Some topics address developing or on-going situations, such as the issues concerning the environment, the health-care crisis in Africa, or the upcoming U.S. Presidential campaign. Checking noted newspapers like the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Washington Post, as well as newspapers worldwide, will provide current context to compliment the historic profile.

Interviews with national leaders and noted experts in the field of research provide "primary source" information valuable to college research.

Currently, Logue Library's subscription database NewsBank, provides special reports on
  • The African Health Crisis
  • Women's History
  • Presidential Campaign 2008
  • World Health
  • Iraq
  • Natural Disasters Around the World
  • World Environment Science
  • Health in the News
To access NewsBank, registered Chestnut Hill College students will need valid email username & password information, or a valid Logue Library barcode number.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wrapping up the Research Paper

Check list

  • The topic matches the assignment, and the research matches the topic
  • Double-check the outline to be sure every item in the finished paper is covered.
  • Be sure all quotes and paraphrases are properly attributed
  • Ask a trusted friend to read and critique the paper
  • Make final revisions
  • Proofread!
  • Cite your sources

Cite Your Sources

The last thing you’ll do is prepare your list of works cited. Logue Library has gathered together a list of resources to help in preparing this list. Here are the two most highly recommended.

The Landmark Citation Machine (now called “Son of Citation Machine”) is the most popular tool for citing sources at Chestnut Hill College.

  • Select the citation style in the left menu and then choose the type of source you are citing.
  • Fill in the form, click submit and voila! Copy & paste the resulting citation right into your paper.
  • A caution: The formatting may not be perfect. Don’t forget the hanging indent, and if there is too much formatting from the citation machine, click on the clipboard (paste options) icon next to the pasted citation and select “match destination formatting.”
The Works Cited page from Duke University’s libraries comes to the rescue when the Citation Machine is down for maintenance or is overloaded. Sometimes, this page from Duke is the better option right from the start. You decide!
  • Select the type of source you need to cite and then find the style you are using for your paper
  • There are more sources listed here than the Citation Machine lists, so this is a better place to find the format for unusual sources.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Life - A Labyrinth

The footfalls on the path are taken with care and deliberation
Slowly unfolding, only showing those few important steps ahead

Each turn is purposeful, taken in time and with the knowledge that this is the right way
Each switch-back is a return to things dear enough to hold close by always

And in the middle, seeing out with gratitude at the path taken so far
With a vision of the journey to now, and how and why this was the path

Stepping along again with confidence that the rest is ready to unfold
Returning to the beginning

Dedicated to Catharine Fee, SSJ. Sister Cass died today, March 2, 2007.