Friday, August 29, 2014

Reference Room Improvements

This will be a busy semester in Logue Library, as the Reference Room gets a bit of a face lift!

The previous post showed pictures "before" the new flooring was installed earlier in the week, and they worked so fast, the "during" and the "after" pictures are already here, together!

Half-way done before noon!
Props to the installers, who made quick work of
moving that heavy furniture

And, done by 3pm!

We were unpacked and back in business by the end of the day, and yesterday we hosted a couple of classes and some studious folks getting a jump on the new semester.


What an improvement!

Next up:  Some new furniture will arrive later in the semester.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In with the New!

Welcome to a brand new year at Chestnut Hill and a special welcome to the class of 2018!

The library was full of our new class on Sunday, as the Orientation Day got underway with the program in Gruber.  Meg Mitchell and Diane Arnold were happy to meet you all personally through the presentations they gave in the Library and across campus.

Fun fact:  In the Spring each year, the library staff seems to always know the students who are graduating with honors! So, if you haven't had a chance to come into the library yet this semester, please do! We'd like to meet you, get your student ID bar-coded, answer any questions you might have, and get you on your way to a successful college career!  Feel free to nose around the library if this is your first year. It's an interesting building!

Our Reference Room is a bit untidy these days. We're expecting to have the floor carpeted this week, and then some time after that, new furniture will be delivered.  We are eagerly awaiting these improvements! 

We'll keep you in the loop.  Here are some "before" pictures!

Today, we finished moving the books off the shelves in half of the library for the first phase of the carpeting...  

We'll have to move all of those books, too!

Stay tuned as the saga continues ...