Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Harriet Tubman and her Historic Underground

One of the most famous people in Black History is Harriet Tubman.  She led thousands of slave to freedom with determination, strength and her belief in God.

The website, American Battlefield Trust, posted 10 Facts: Harriet Tubman:

Check out this video provided by the Smithsonian titled, "What You Never Knew about Harriet Tubman."

Here is another YouTube video from the Biography channel, titled, I Could Have Freed a Thousand More Slaves If They Knew They Were Slaves

The recent film about this woman showcased the strength and wisdom she used to fellow people free.  A poster from the movie and trailer is below.

Trailer from the latest Harriet Tubman Movie..

YouTube Video Provided by: Focus Pictures

There are so many homes that provided secret hiding spots for the Underground Railroad.  Below is a YouTube video provided from "Let Me Know History," that shows a recent discovery..

Video: "A man in a basement found a hidden room that was part of the Underground Railroad."

Crosswalk's review of Harriet says,  

"We know her as Harriet Tubman. But originally, she was known by a different name, “Minty.”  Minty is a resolute and brave Christian woman living in 1840s Maryland – a state where African Americans have no rights and where a white person can own another person based entirely on the color of their skin.  Minty is a slave. So are her parents. And her siblings. And most black people she knows.   But Minty doesn’t intend to stay in shackles forever. Even though she may die trying, she wants to escape.  “I wanna be free,” she tells an acquaintance.    Thus, Minty sets out in the middle of the night, with the goal of traveling 100 miles to the city of Philadelphia, where African Americans live in freedom.  She’ll make the trip alone – yes – but she believes in a God who will guide and protect her."

Logue Library display reflects on Ms. Tubman and the Underground Railroad's connection to Philadelphia.

If you are an History Major at CHC you will find many resources to learn more about this Black History topic.  You can gather them all from Logue Library to make a good research paper!

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Search on the topic "Harriet Tubman" to see over 45 results in the catalog including 21 eBooks and 24 Print Books about her. 

Search on the topic "Underground Railroad" to see over 85 results in the catalog which includes 53 eBooks and 31 Print Books. 

Take a look at them below:

Harriet Tubman

Underground Railroad

What Books listed above would you most likely read?
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Harriet Tubman Display created by Sister Mary Jo Larkin
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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Valentine Day and Book Art at Logue Library..

Books need love too! 

Logue Library of Chestnut Hill College celebrated Valentines Day early by sharing a heart-felt book event on February 4, 2020.  Librarian, Kelly Liberona created a book arts craft project for the CHC community. The participants had to fold the pages of books into the shape of a heart. 

Here is our Librarian Kelly, she is working on a Blind Date Book Event

Here is an example Kelly has made shown below..


Our Logue Library Flyer...

Working on folding the pages...

 The finished projects...

In fact, if you are an Education Major at CHC this book project would be perfect to learn to teach to your future students.  Gather all of your resources from Logue Library to make a great lesson plan!

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Here are a few of the books on this topic below:

If you search on the topic "Art Teacher" you will see over 2,300 results in our catalog which includes 819 eBooks and 221 Print Books on this topic. 

What Books listed above would you most likely read?
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Special Thanks again to Librarian Kelly Liberona for creating this event.
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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Jazzing with Dr. Lomax....A Musical Experience..Black History Month.. Chestnut Hill College 2020

Chestnut Hill College celebrated Black History Month with a live musical performance by jazz musician Mark Lomax II, D.M.A and his four-piece ensemble.

According to Dr. Lomax's website, he is a "critically acclaimed composer, recording artist, drummer, activist, and educator.  He is a Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University Artist in  Residency 2018 Award recipient."

Dr. Lomax performed a selection from his Album 400: An Afrikan Epic: described on his website as celebrating the resilience, brilliance, strength, genius, and creativity of a people who continue to endure while offering an inspired view of the future."
Here are some pictures and a video from this wonderful event!

Chestnut Hill College's Music Department offers bachelors degrees in Music and Music Performance.  If a student had to gather research on a topic in music from Logue Library, there would be ample material available.

If you search on the topic "Jazz Music" you will see over 2,500 results in our catalog which includes  52 eBooks and 36 Print Books on this topic and a DVD Collection.

                      Book Collection

DVD Collection

Note: We have the DVD of Jazz: A Film By Ken Burns      [10-Disc Set]

(Click on the titles below to get more information).

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Here are a few items  on this topic below:
  • Jazz. Episode one,  Gumbo
  • Jazz. Episode eight, Risk

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