Friday, May 18, 2012

Once-or-Frequently Asked Questions

Ah-ha!! A recent question about our website let us know that at least one virtual user of the library wants to be able do more on-line.   I see how to find books, but what about putting them on hold? (Currently, holds cannot be placed this way; please contact a librarian!)

We are always looking for ways to make library research more efficient and intuitive, and the best way to know what is working and what isn't is to listen to you!  The "Start" tabs on all of the library's web pages have a place for sending a little feedback. We'd like to reply to follow up, but sometimes the comment is left anonymously. As we look for ways to improve, we are adding a tab to the About page of our website. This FAQ tab will give us a space to post the questions we get with answers.

Any time you have a question we hope you'll ask! If the question comes via one of the Feedback boxes, check the FAQ tab in the next day or two to see if an answer has been posted.

Thanks for your feedback!