Monday, October 31, 2016

Chestnut Chills

The Class of 2007 produced a small volume of Lore & Legends of Chestnut Hill College, and today we added a scanned version to our catalog record.

Happy Halloween from Logue Library!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Parallel Curriculum Model

Core. Connections. Practice. Identity.  The four interrelated designs of the Parallel Curriculum Model, or PCM, provide students with the opportunity to learn new concepts in the context of the greater world they live in, and often challenges students to think from someone else's point of view.

CHC credentials are required for off-campus access.

Students learn with hands-on examples that the concepts they are studying are not just theoretical. It's like having Lab for every subject.They experience for themselves how well certain methods work instead of simply memorizing the methods. As they learn, they see themselves involved in the subject and how they as individuals fit into the world.  Ultimately, they become aware of the connections between seemingly separate academic subjects.

It's like having Lab for every subject

CHC credentials are required for off-campus access.

The Parallel Curriculum is part of the Education in Video series, available to the CHC community through Alexander Street Press. The series includes transcripts and allows bookmarking and excerpting (as shown in the linked clips here). Find this series on the library's Education subject guide.

CHC credentials are required for off-campus access.

- Diane Arnold

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Special searches: hidden gems of the databases - Psychology

Special searches:  hidden gems of the databases - one for Psychology
 In the Psychology guide is
under the Books Media and Journals tab
is a set of databases from the APA.
Open this and look below the search boxes to see a wealth of choices
Need  a clinical study, a qualitative or quantitative study?
Check out  Methodology.

Looking for articles on children in trauma and getting too many on adults who were traumatized as children?  Use Age Groups.

If a search does not get the right material,  consider:
changing your search terms,
using some of the extra resources like these tools,
and always (MM)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Special searches: hidden gems of the databases

Today – one for Business Majors. How to quickly find a case study

Our Search Everything box gets results from most                          
of our databases. Why wouldn’t you use it all the time?

One reason to change is when you want the extra options in the subject specific resources.
Need a case study that writes up an industry situation, how it was handled, and the outcome?
 Business Source Premier will find that for you.
 (below we’ll show you how to get to Business Source Premier)
After you open this database, look below the search boxes
Sitting quietly in the Document Type box near the top of the list is Case Study.  
Select this unobtrusive but powerful tool and then chose full-text; over 8000 articles pop up!

I did not find an article about “executives who succeed because they use all the tools at their disposal” so someone should write that article.
To find Business Source Premier
on our main page select Databases and then the letter B.
 If you ever cannot find what you need consider changing your search terms or looking in another source, and always ask a librarian.  (MM)
Ask a Librarian