Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lexis Nexis Becomes Nexis Uni

Out with the old, in with the new!

Beginning March 1, Lexis Nexis users will discover a whole new research experience. The new platform is called Nexis Uni and seeks to be a more user friendly resource. In many respects, it succeeds. In other areas, it takes some inside knowledge to navigate.

The first thing you'll notice is a giant search box at the top of the page. Simply searching here with nothing else defined will search the entire content, and return results from news, legal and business sources. To narrow the results, click the red down-arrow next to the words "All Nexis Uni" on the right edge of the search box, and select the specific area(s) you would like to search from the Category listing. Click the Advanced Search link below the search box to enter a very specific search.

Other options for beginning a search reside below the search box. For example, clicking Cases opens up further prompts to help locate a specific case.

 Another search option sits just below this, under the heading Discover Topics. To locate a company dossier, for example, click Business under Discover Topics. Then click the Company Dossier link.

Enter the company's Ticker Number (not business name) to find the Snapshot you are familiar with. (This is what we mean by "need some inside knowledge!")

Watch this brief video to learn more about searching the new Nexis Uni platform.

Practice searching Nexis Uni now using the link on this page.  And, as always, ask a librarian for more help.