Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Award-Winning Teacher a Chestnut Hill College Graduate

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently featured this year's 66 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Prize winners in an article titled In city classrooms, teachers with class.

One teacher from each of the Philadelphia School District schools is honored. Chestnut Hill College alumna Claudia DiCrosta was among them.

Claudia DiCrosta
Swenson Arts and Technology High School

Claudia DiCrosta was born and raised in Portugal. She holds a bachelor's degree in Spanish from Chestnut Hill College, where she minored in secondary education and psychology. Her first teaching position was at William Penn High School. Moving to Swenson Arts and Technology High School in 2006, she demonstrated her commitment to its students from the first day. She also mentors Temple and La Salle University students who are prospective Spanish teachers.

See the entire list of Distinguished Teachers profiled.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Buyer Beware!

FRONTLINE last night delved into the for-profit college industry in their program, College Inc.

These billion-dollar businesses are cashing in on a boom in degree-seeking non-traditional students . . . those who are already established in the workforce and are looking to upgrade or change careers.

From unsavory sales practices to fraudulent degree programs, students have a lot of homework to do before deciding to go this route.