Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Good Press for Statista!

Logue Library's newest resource makes explaining the statistical impact of business practices, consumerism, marketing, and other concepts a visual cinch.  Take Slate Magazine's latest blurb about Microsoft's new tablet product.  Oops!  Maybe next time Microsoft will consult Statista!*

Give Statista a try, and if you have questions, just Ask!

*CHC log-in credentials needed to use Statista

Friday, September 13, 2013

Catalog at Your Fingertips

From the department of "It's About Time," we've posted a QR code for WebCat, the Logue Library catalog, throughout the library.  Scan the code with a smartphone or tablet QR Code Reader app and easily search for library materials without the need to be at a computer.

The library's mobile site is linked under the picture on the home page.  Any research done on a desktop can also be done here.  As always, we welcome any questions or comments about the library!

UPDATE September 24: Most often, you will be in Mobile mode automatically while using a mobile device. If you aren't, click the link!