Monday, April 08, 2019

Baseball, Books and the History of the Game...

The manicured green grass...the players stretching and hitting the balls in the batting cages.. while a Phillies fan like myself will repeat this comment..."Maybe this is the Year!
And of course we get to see this Famous, Green Hall of Famer..The Philly Phanatic.

I could mention the names such as McCutchen, Nola, Hoskins, Franco and of course Harper. Of course the other players on the team are making a big difference as well..  And I am loving the handshakes of encouragement from the players.  But...this blog is not a sports commentary on a particular is an appreciation of the sport in a literary sense.

There are so many books that are written on the topic of Baseball.  From the players biographies, scoring, famous match ups and now Analytics.

Now, let's talk about the Logue Library.....

If you search on the topic of Baseball you will receive over 10,000 results in our catalog which includes over 150 eBooks and 39 Print books on this popular sport.

In fact there is a temporary display before the entrance into the library. The colorful books, pictures and other baseball themed items are there to remind us all of the history of this sport.


Here are some titles in the Logue Library Catalog:

Baseball beyond our borders : an international pastime  by George Gmelch (Editor.), Daniel A Nathan (Editor.) eBook

Moneyball : the art of winning an unfair game by Michael Lewis  Printbook

The desperado who stole baseball  by John H Ritter  Printbook

Baseball : an illustrated history  by Geoffrey C Ward, Ken Burns   Printbook

Making my pitch : a woman's baseball odyssey  by Ila Jane Borders (Author.), Jean Hastings Ardell (Co-author.) eBook

Roberto & me : a baseball card adventure  by Dan Gutman     Printbook

Diamonds are forever : the business of baseball  by Paul M Sommers  Printbook

Cy Young : a baseball life  by Reed Browning  eBook

Black baseball entrepreneurs, 1902-1931 : the Negro national and Eastern Colored leagues  by Michael E Lomax (Author.) eBook

The American Indian integration of baseball by Jeffrey P Powers-Beck  eBook

Click on the word Baseball to see some of the books in our collection.   You can also see some of the books mentioned in this blog on our Sports page.

Maybe you will find a book worth checking out.

Feel free to comment on this blog.
What book listed above would you most likely read?

Posted by J Presley, Systems Management Librarian
Special Thanks to Sister Mary Jo Larkin, Dean for Library and Info Resources for creating the display.

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